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About Sheila


I didn’t seek out Reconnective Healing, it found me.  I wasn't the typical metaphysical hippie. I viewed life through the lens of  my conservative Midwestern upbringing.  However, the moment I finished my Reconnective Healing session, I knew permanent and expansive changes had occurred.  It was as if an internal compass turned on and there was an absolute certainty that no matter what happened in my life, I would be OK. It was a new beginning.  A 180 degree turn from how I had been living my life. It wasn't that I was unsuccessful at living a full life, I had a wonderful career,  friends, children, grandchildren and a husband I adored.  I just never knew what I wanted to do or be when I grew up!    

In the days and months that followed my Reconnection,  I gained a "knowningness" that turned my life into an endless flow of experiences and relationships that brought joy and wonder.   I was keenly aware that healing others was what I was being called to do, and I knew that if I stayed true to this calling, if I stepped forward in love and light and surrender myself to the highest good, my life as a healer will unfold with ease and grace.  


Today, as I work to help others in their healing journey, I experience balance and contentedness that I never had before. For the first time in my life, I know  what I was put on earth to do/be.  It has been an incredible journey of gratitude, wonder and love and I am honored to share this with you.
Reconnective Healing is more than physical healing. Yes, physical healing occurs, but it also brings us to optimal balance of mind, body and spirit in fullness and wholeness. 


It is a privilege and brings me great joy to follow this truth and share the gift of healing.  I look forward to sharing it with you.

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